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Mission Statement

The mission of #FightBack is to defend the Constitution of United States and the Bill of Rights. Within that, we #FightBack for the individual rights infringed upon by a politically weaponized legal system.

The Full Story

Fightback Foundation was formed several years ago to #FightBack for forgotten America. We now also #FightBack so that America itself is not forgotten.


America – and every American – is at war. America has been under spiritual, psychological, and informational siege over the last several years. No small part of our enemies' irregular war effort involves what President Trump correctly labeled in his March 25, 2023 speech to be the "weaponization of our justice system," which he then correctly described as the "central issue of our time."

This political weaponization of the legal system is commonly referred to as "lawfare." Before lawfare reached the level of politically motivated prosecutions against U.S. Presidents and leading presidential candidates of major political parties, lawfare had sought to take out God-fearing influencers with litigation skills. The damaging effects of lawfare would not be limited to the lawyers it intends to eliminate from the profession of law. Lawfare would also destroy each individual's morale by sapping the courage of the remaining lawyers who might otherwise take on his or her cause.


Lawfare's efforts no doubt include the persistent, diabolical, and defamatory take-down of lawyers such as Lin Wood. Lin made a name for himself 26 years ago by standing up to the Feds and media in defense of Richard Jewell's reputation. One might say this same lawyer sealed his fate with the deep state by crossing proverbial swords in a courtroom with Elon Musk, and likely many other wealthy and powerful players along the way. 

The lawfare waged against Lin Wood and other lawyers across the country aims to transform lawyers into administrators. To do that, they must make an example at the top, so that the fear will trickle down. They must make an example of Lin, one of our nation's top trial lawyers. Lin has represented members of Congress and presidential candidate Herman Cain. He has represented ordinary people such as Nicholas Sandmann against the powerful & well-funded interests CNN and The Washington Post – and won. 


Several years ago the radical left lunatics were on a rampage to destroy historic monuments. They wanted to erase our heritage. They wanted to make us forget who we are as a nation and as a people. No small part of their nefarious effort to wipe our collective memory is their maniacal obsession with tearing down monumental lawyers such as Lin Wood.


We are not going to allow that to happen. We know who we are as a people, and we are not going to forget it. We are Americans. We love God. We love our country, and we love our liberty. To defend ourselves and our nation's core values, we need not just able-bodied soldiers in the battlefield; we also need able-minded lawyers who champion the rights of the unpopular and oppressed in a courtroom. We need lawyers who #FightBack for We The People, and We The People need to #FightBack for these kinds of lawyers.

President Ronald Reagan's 1981 Inaugural address praised our "political system" as one that "guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than any other." Eight years later in his farewell address to the nation he defined America as "freedom." Let's explore what freedom really means. A country's freedom is not based purely on how democratic it is. Democracy by itself is simply majority rule, or as John Adams might say, "a tyranny of the majority."  Collectively, a country is only free to the extent that it protects the liberty of the individuals living within it.



The U.S. Constitution is designed to protect individual liberty. Before becoming a founding member of FightBack in the summer of 2020, Lin had already pointed out that our Constitution was under attack. Sadly, that is still the case. Since that time we have witnessed the persecution of lawyers whose only act was to seek and expose the truth about the 2020 election. According to various polls, roughly half the country believes that the 2020 election was dishonest. Since that time we have also seen our travesty of a justice system politically weaponized with the bogus prosecution of the very President so many of us believe to have been cheated out of his re-election. The indictment does not even mention all the crimes of which President Trump is accused.


The unconstitutional actions taken against Trump-supporting lawyers such as Lin Wood are likewise part of this defining civil rights issue of our time. At this moment there is no greater threat to our individual liberty, and consequently our collective freedom, than the relentless hatchet job of the reputation of a man who's spent a large part of his impeccable legal career defending the individual rights of the unpopular. 


Lawyers such as Lin Wood have dedicated their lives to defending 'We The People.' We The People recognize that, and 'We The People'  #FightBack for lawyers like Lin Wood. We do so not just because we love him. We do so because we understand the precedent that will be set if the forces of evil succeed in destroying such a man on false pretenses.


The rest of us should therefore ask ourselves the following: What happens when we become unpopular – when the tyrants come after us? What will happen to us, if the foundation has been laid for tyranny to triumph? Will lawyers rush to defend us, knowing their careers could be destroyed? 


We already know the answer. If the liars prevail, the lion-hearted likes of Lin Wood will not be able to come to our aid. The already few lawyers with the requisite courage and skill will have been taken out. The lawyers that remain will give in to fear. They will only think about what is best for themselves, and we will be on our own. In other words, the Goliaths will prevail if the Davids are prevented from fighting them.


Some of you reading this might not like President Trump. You might not like Lin Wood or the other lawyers who've stood up for President Trump in both courts of law and courts of public opinion. Just remember that tyranny will not halt at the doors of your personal enemies. Tyranny comes for us all, including those oblivious or sympathetic to it. Tyranny is every true American's greatest enemy.


FightBack's current lawfare client happens to be its own CEO. FightBack's CEO happens to be the poster child of lawfare. Because of his outspoken support for President Trump and his fight for freedom, Lin has been targeted with physical threats and lawfare. With that in mind, know that your much appreciated donations are not for the pecuniary gain of one man. Instead, your donations #FightBack against our collective loss of liberty by funding the litigation defense against the frivolous but relentless lawfare waged against him.

Another famous Georgian named Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that a "lack of justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." The politically motivated and legally unfounded prosecutions against President Trump and the lawyers seeking truth about the 2020 election are egregious injustices that threaten every one of us.


Your donations fund the #FightBack against that threat. Your donations #FightBack for our freedom and for our country. Your donations #FightBack for the truth and for our right to speak it.


Together, we the forgotten America must #FightBack by not forgetting the brave souls who remembered us. We must #FightBack for the soul of America itself and to ensure that America itself, as a beacon of hope and freedom, is not forgotten. 


God bless you and thank you.


REAL Patriots are under attack with lies, propaganda and lawfare -- and without accountability.

Our enemies use power and influence to intimidate freedom-loving Americans.

Those days will come to an end.

#FightBack for Truth because Truth is incontrovertible. The incontrovertible Truth will set us free from the tyranny of lies.

We #FightBack against Human Trafficking by raising public awareness about it. Human Trafficking is the REAL pandemic in our country and the world.


Speak Truth.
Be Fearless.

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This fight is about more than one person. This fight is for all freedom-loving Americans. We kneel only before God. We stand up for the American flag and the principles it represents for all.

#FightBack for your future.

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