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John Exum


A recent law school graduate, John is passionate about defending the God-given rights enshrined in the United States Constitution. In particular, John is passionate about the Bill of Rights. Jarred by the "election" of November 3, 2020; John could no longer ignore the steady erosion of these rights. John could no longer take these rights or the country that proclaimed to champion these rights for granted. It was and remains time to #FightBack!

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John Exum is a native of Kinston, North Carolina. A recent graduate from the Emory University School of Law; John also holds an MBA from the University of South Carolina; a Master’s in International Relations, European Studies concentration from the University of Strasbourg; and a B.A. in French from The Citadel.


Fluent in three foreign languages, John has worked and studied in French, German and Spanish-speaking environments. He has spent a total of almost four years abroad.


Before and after earning his International MBA in 2016 at the University of South Carolina, John’s professional experience was mostly in manufacturing. Before enrolling in the International IMBA program at the Darla Moore School of Business, John had spent over three and a half years at Spirit Aerosystems, Inc. John used his French fluency to set up the receiving department in Spirit’s Saint Nazaire facility and helped resolve Quality Assurance-related issues from French suppliers. John also earned a Lean Six Greenbelt, and later a APICS CPIM certification. After graduation in 2016, John accepted a position as a Supply Chain Planner at DuraFiber Technologies in Salisbury, NC.


After a year of working for DuraFiber,  John was frustrated after seeing numerous inefficiencies in parts of the business where he had no direct control. He learned that in-house counsels for companies tend to have significant clout over a company’s CEO, and not just on legal matters. John ultimately decided on law school.

Initially inclined toward transactional law after his experience in the business world, John found Emory’s Transactional Certificate program appealing. Emory was also the only school who seemed genuinely interested in John’s foreign languages.


The nightmare of Nov. 3, 2020 redefined John’s dreams as a lawyer. He was in his third semester at Emory. He had already witnessed COVID and the widespread riots across the country. He no longer romanticized structuring deals with businesses from different countries. John instead realized it was time to fight back for his own country.


John loves and follows Jesus Christ. He loves America and is deeply passionate about the rule of law. He wants to ensure that law is what indeed rules America.

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