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New Merchandise on FightBack Store

Today we added 5 new T-shirts to the #FightBack shop. In the graphic above they are the four in the top row and the one on the far left of the second row.

These T-shirts are available in various sizes for both men and women. Several women have made it clear that they want V-neck T-shirts. Acquiring the V-Necks is more logistically complicated than I had initially thought, but we are going to iron out those kinks.

Note that these five new additions to the store are not all we have in store. There is more to come.

In closing, I thank Clint Van Tilborg of InkGenix for his hard work, I cannot thank Daryl Pyle enough for his incredible artwork, which is an essential part of four of these five new shirts. As always, I thank each of you for your prayers and donations in support of #FightBack.


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