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Crossing the Lawfare Delaware

by John Exum

Painting by Daryl Pyle

I suspect that for many of you reading this article, the concept of lawfare is nothing new. For those who are not, lawfare is "the weaponization of our justice system," as President Trump best described it at his March 25, 2023 rally in Waco, Texas, Lawfare is a reflection of how our justice system is no longer ‘blind' and impartial. The justice system is instead partial and weaponized. Such an unfair justice system will never allow for fair elections. It therefore comes as no surprise that President Trump would further define this lawfare as "the central issue of our time." Defending against lawfare is therefore at the heart of the #FightBack mission to preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Lawfare, in my view, is among the most devastating of irregular warfare tactics. We have seen lawfare relentlessly employed to silence and assassinate the character and credibility of capable and courageous lawyers such as Lin Wood. The 'About' page of this website expounds on that atrocity in considerable detail.

Perhaps no single event illustrates this reality more than the attached ruling and opinion from The Supreme Court of the State of Delaware on January 19, 2022. Giving Lin a rare victory in a legal system stacked against him, the Delaware Supreme Court revealed the corruption of the lower Superior Court of the State of Delaware. The Delaware Supreme Court correctly noted that "one cannot read the [lower] court's order without concluding that the [lower]court intended to cast aspersions on Wood's character." See page 7 of the attached 'Page v. Oath' opinion.

This clearly biased ruling from the lower Delaware court is representative of the baseless agenda-driven litigation against Lin in various parts of the country. In Michigan, David Fink has sought sanctions against Lin under Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, even though Mr. Fink's evidence doing so is laughably nonexistent. The State Bar of Georgia has based the vast majority of its ill-founded campaign to have him disbarred for work mostly done by other lawyers, but without pursuing those other lawyers. A prime example is the Pearson v. Kemp case filed, edited and signed by another Georgia attorney named Harry MacDougald. Mr. MacDougald's affidavit, with the possible exception of paragraph 9, was admitted into evidence as Exhibit 10 at Lin's disciplinary hearing on May 18, 2023. Mr. MacDougald's affidavit is also attached to the foot of this article.

The opinion from The Delaware Supreme Court excoriated the lower Superior Court's baseless decision to revoke Lin Wood's pro hac vice application after Lin had already requested to withdraw it. The Delaware Supreme Court acknowledged that Lin had requested to withdraw "despite legal argument that revocation was not warranted." See page 4 of the attached opinion. Accordingly, the Delaware Supreme Court found the lower court had abused its discretion and vacated the lower court's order to revoke.

The Delaware Supreme Court likewise lambasted the lower court's baseless "conjecture" that Lin Wood had incited the events of January 6, 2021 (J-6). See page 7 of the attached opinion. This topic had not been addressed in the Rule to Show Cause before the lower court. Yet, that minor procedural subtlety did not stop the lower court from trying to place the blame for J-6 on Lin Wood without presenting any evidence or giving Lin an opportunity to respond.

Make no mistake. This Delaware Supreme Court ruling is a victory for Lin Wood and for all who champion truth and justice as the American way. This scathing rebuke by the Delaware Supreme Court, however, is one of few victories patriots have seen in the last several years. With God's help, it will not be the last.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. On Memorial Day Americans commemorate the brave men and women in uniform who died in defense of our nation.

It's not enough for us to remember what these brave souls sacrificed for us. We owe it to them, to ourselves and to posterity to remember why they did it. They gave their lives so that our country and our freedom would live.

We honor the memories of America's fallen by remembering what lies at the heart of our freedom that they preserved. At the heart of our freedom is the rule of law. At the heart of the rule of law is a functional legal system. A functional legal system is one that does not play procedural games to circumvent legitimate substantive factual issues that need to be litigated when election results are questioned. A functional legal system is not one where lawyers of one political persuasion form 'Projects' designed to shame and ruin other lawyers who seek redress in the court system for what those targeted other lawyers believe to have been an unfair election.

On Memorial Day we honor our heroic dead with our own fight for freedom. Our fight freedom is not a test of our physical might on a literal battlefield. Our fight for freedom is our intrepid quest for truth. As called for in Scripture, we seek and speak truth with a spirit of fearlessness. We never give up.

This ruling by Delaware's highest court is not the first time Delaware has provided a flicker of hope for freedom in America. General Washington braved the icy currents of the Delaware River 246 years ago to launch a surprise attack against Hessian mercenaries supporting the British in what would later become known as the Battle of Trenton. This daring raid resulted in a much-needed victory for the fledgling Continental Army, boosting its sagging morale.

While the decision of the Delaware Supreme Court is not the result of a daring stealth military raid, it is nonetheless a significant surprise victory for all freedom-loving Americans. It is a victory because it validates what many of us had suspected to be the sickening truth about the level of corruption in our legal system. For Lin Wood, this oasis of justice in a desert of lawfare lawlessness is also a victory. This decision by the Delaware Supreme Court confirms the truth of what Lin has been saying about a justice system that has been anything but 'just' in its treatment of him and of other lawyers targeted for filing suits perceived as potentially beneficial for President Trump.

In an age where American patriot morale again sags, may this more recent crossing of the Delaware serve as a boost. The Delaware Supreme Court's ruling illustrates that even in our era of pervasive and relentless media-propagated falsehoods and brainwashing, the truth can prevail. For on at least one occasion in Delaware, the truth has prevailed, and justice has been served. This triumph of truth and justice in Delaware's highest court is now a matter of public record. Hard-working Patriots behind the scenes have ensured this record is now accurately reflected in the updated Delaware section of Lin Wood's Wikipedia page.

On Dec. 2, 2020, Lin boldly proclaimed to a raucous and rightfully indignant crowd in Alpharetta, Georgia, "It's 1776, again!" His crossing of the lawfare Delaware gives that statement new meaning. As in 1776 and the following several years, more victories will come. They will not come easily. Our fate as a free nation is in God's hands, but the work is on our shoulders. Against a weaponized legal system and a dishonest mainstream media, We the People have a daunting task before us. With God's help we can and will rise to the challenge. We therefore continue to #FightBack because we know that our hard work on the side of righteousness will eventually pay off. Above all, we take heart that as believers in Jesus Christ, the best is always yet to come.

As always, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.


Page v. Oath Inc., 270 A.3d 833 _ Ruling from Delaware Supreme Court
Download PDF • 94KB

Ex_10_MacDougald Affidavit_May 18 State Bar Disciplinary Hearing
Download PDF • 219KB

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