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Keep These Letters Coming, Patriots!

by John Exum

Do you think all the nonsense lodged against Lin is either legitimate or mere coincidence? Think again!

Three years ago the Deep State had set out to destroy the voice of the people. Twitter shocked the world in January of 2021 with its this censorship of sitting President Donald J. Trump. According to Trump White House Chief of Staff Dan Scavino, the number 2 target on the Deep State's social media hit list was Lin Wood.

Is anyone surprised? Surprised or not surprised, the ruthless and otherwise inexplicable lawfare lodged against Lin Wood should begin to make sense.

As with Trump, the Deep State's ultimate aim in silencing Lin Wood is to silence you and me. The Deep State has tried and failed to silence the voices of a brave few who had spoken up for so many.

The Deep State's aim in doing so is ultimately to silence the many. The Deep State will likewise fail in that nefarious effort. It will fail because we the many are not going to allow that to happen. We the many are now speaking up for the few who'd been marginalized for speaking out with our best interests at heart. For I have received MANY – well into the triple of digits – emails & letters from people across the country showing their support for our friend Lin Wood. They hail from every chapter of Lin's life. I've heard from former client & former US Congressman Gary Condit. I've heard from Lin's attorneys in Delaware and Michigan. I've heard from current and former colleagues . I've heard from those with whom has transacted business. I've heard from neighbors and lifelong friends, some of whom go back to high school.

Last but not least, I've heard from countless of those whom Lin inspires every day on Telegram. One of these is a lady named Deb Moore, who is in hospice.

"I'm already in hospice, so you can't harm me any further, than I already am. If writing this letter is the last good deed that I get to do, then I'm glad I got to write it. Lin Wood is a very special man. God didn't make too many like him. He's full of integrity and honesty. He deserves so much better than your treatment of him. Please do what's right in the sight of the Lord. One day it will be YOUR turn to be judged. Do you want it to be done fairly??"

See her full email attached at the foot of this message at the foot of this post.

The Deep State wants to sit us down and shut us up. We refuse. We are standing up and speaking up. We the many who have been marginalized by the offensively stupid tyrants are making our voices heard. We will not quiet our voices until justice is served.

What I ask of you now is that you keep these sweet letters of recommendation coming. CONTINUE to overwhelm my inbox with your words of support for this exemplary lawyer and Christian we know as Lin Wood, of whom the godless Deep State seeks to make an example. The Deep State will not intimidate us. it will embolden us. The Deep State wants to turn our volume down. We need to turn it up!!!

Feel free to come show your support on Thursday if feasible. If you are unable to write a letter or make an appearance, rest assured that your prayers and donations are always greatly appreciated.

Thank you all & Godspeed.

Deb Moore_Georgia Bar Decision
Download PDF • 63KB

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