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Lin Wood's May 18-19, 2023 Mitigation & Aggravation Hearing, Part II

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

by John Exum

As promised, please see attached the statements of personal observation from some of the May 18-19 hearing attendees. Some went through the trouble of having their statements sworn and notarized. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all who took the time to record what they observed.

Recent developments have modified my own statement to something much shorter – and much nicer – than what I'd initially anticipated. Now I will simply state that I'm pleased that attorney L. Lin Wood was able to retire with an unblemished record, no matter how much outlets such as CNBC might wish the situation to be otherwise.

Thanks once again to all who took part in this. Once again, we thank you for your donations in support of #FightBack, and most importantly for your prayers.


Affidavit from Donna Campbell
Download PDF • 42KB

Brook Anne Schiller_Statement of observations from LLW’s Mitigation Hearing before the GA
Download • 38KB

Vickie Monitz-“_affidavit for Wood_GA Bar Mitigation Hearing
Download PDF • 91KB

Affidavit -- Susan Shea
Download PDF • 237KB

Elizabeth Carlson _ Affidavit - Signature Redacted
Download PDF • 308KB

Margaret Carruth_Affidavit
Download PDF • 184KB

Download PDF • 2.23MB

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