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ORGANIZATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Sue Shea is #FightBack's Manager of Organizational Development

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Please join the #FightBack board in congratulating Susan "Sue" Shea as FightBack's new Manager of Organizational Development. (Yes, this is a volunteer position).

Sue is a focused, driven, and indefatigable businesswoman. Sue drove all the way from Massachusetts to the March 11, 2023 #FightBack fundraiser at Cotton Hall. Sue has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to drive improvements to the organization.

It was Sue who called Board Members back in late March to offer her suggestions for improving the website. Sue and Board Director John Exum worked together to eliminate countless dysfunctional 'buttons' and outdated pages.

Sue also made the invaluable suggestion that the organization update the website to match the organization's current action items. In particular, it was Sue who suggested that FightBack begin either a blog or a news section.

We the Board at FightBack are pleased to recognize Sue's contributions with the creation of this new position. We of course also look forward to seeing what else Sue has in store.

Sue herself would also like to say a few words.

In closing, please join us in thanking Sue for her hard work, let's once again welcome Sue as #FightBack's new Manager of Organizational Development. As always, I also thank each of you for your prayers and support of #FightBack.

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