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Letters for Lin

Updated: May 28, 2023

By John Exum,

Thanks to all who either took the time to write letters or to attend Lin Wood's witch trial of a disciplinary hearing in person both today and yesterday. On a five day's notice, more than a dozen of you traveled from out of state. You flew in from places as far as the state of Washington. Some of you drove from as far away as Massachusetts.

On that same five days' notice, 337 of you wrote letters of support. As stated previously, you hailed from every chapter of Lin's life. This impressive list now includes the widow of Richard Jewell and John Ramsey, the father of the late JonBenet.

We read 15 of your letters and entered them into the record as individual exhibits, and we submitted the rest into evidence. We decided we would also provide them here.

We the board at #FightBack could not be more grateful for your support this week. As always, we appreciate your prayers and donations. God bless you all.

Ex R 1 – Dana Jewell
Download PDF • 834KB

Ex R 2 – Former US Congressman Gary Condit
Download PDF • 24KB

Ex R 3 – Paul Stablein, esq
Download PDF • 922KB

Ex R 4 – Ronald G. Poliquin, Esquire
Download PDF • 57KB

Ex R 5 – Daniel Bullard IV
Download PDF • 121KB

Ex R 6 – Todd Crosby
Download PDF • 22KB

Ex R 7 – Lang Fiveash
Download PDF • 44KB

Ex R 8 – John Ramsey
Download PDF • 553KB

Ex R 9 – Maggie Deangelo_State B.A.R. of Georgia letter
Download PDF • 22KB

Ex R 11 – Daniel C. Oliff
Download PDF • 28KB

Ex R 12 – Sal & Roberta Gentile
Download PDF • 21KB

Ex R 13 – Melanie Osgood
Download PDF • 111KB

Ex R 14 – Alon Vainer, M.D. FACP
Download PDF • 25KB

Ex R 15 – Alexander J. Gallo
Download PDF • 172KB

Ex R 16 – Deb Moore
Download PDF • 63KB

Ex 17 Combined
Download PDF • 38.97MB

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